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    Yuzhong District is the city’s commercial and business center. Over the last a few years, the District continues to maintain its leading position in commercial and trading activities with a large number of international brands gathering within the District. The District’s commercial sales volume accounts for 1/8 of the city’s total volume. There are very concentrated commercial networks within the District, which have basically formed 5 major featured commercial areas, namely Jiefangbei, Chaotianmen, Caiyuanba, Daping, Lianglukou and Shangqingsi. In 2006 the social consumables sales volume of Jiefangbei Central Shopping Zone which is called “No.1 Street of West China” accounted for 8.2% of the total city volume while the Chaotianmen General Market which is known as “No.1 Market of West China” generated a trade volume of RMB11.85 billion Yuan.

    Hundreds of representation offices and branches of national and international enterprises, 2,500 various agencies gather within the District. Distribution operations such as electronic commerce, chain operations and modern logistic services grow rapidly; business activities take place frequently; the general service functions of the Jiefangbei CBD has started to be in effect and is becoming the city’s modern service center.

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