The investment environment in Yuzhong District
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1) Government Service

  Yuzhong District is a national service trade reform pilot zone, where 9 pro-business programs are being carried out which include the Business Carrier Program, Gathering Area Development Program, Headquarter Presence Program, General Upgrading Program, Opening up Program, Environmental Improvement Program, Service Facilitation Program, Innovation Promotion Program and Talents Back up Program, aiming at perfection of governmental service and business climate. Yuzhong District provides an easy and smooth one-stop service for establishment and long-term operation of enterprises; continues to simplify the administrative examination and approval procedure, which now enables approval of a foreign invested project within 5 working days.

2) Commercial & Business Climate

  Yuzhong District has the presence of 205 international brands, more than 5,400 agency services covering legal affairs, accounting, auditing, engineering consultancy, real estate advisory, advertising, and etc.; the Jiefangbei Commercial Zone and Daping Commercial Zone are both one of the 6 prime commercial zones of Chongqing, of which Jiefangbei Commercial Zone ranks No.1 among all commercial zones of Chongqing. Yuzhong District has complete Class A office buildings, high-end hotels, advanced convention and exhibition facilities, which provide enterprises with a satisfactory environment of financial service and business operation.

3) Traffic Hub

  Yuzhong District is Chongqing’s water-land hub, where 10 cross-river bridges connect the District with surrounding districts and 7 rail transit lines pass through the District; major railway station, long-distance bus terminal and river port are located within the District. The central Jiefangbei is only 30km away from Chongqing’s Jiefangbei International Airport; the Jiefangbei CBD has a complete underground traffic circular route and car park system, which ensures an easy and smooth traffic flow.

4) Human Resources

  Yuzhong District is a destination of the stay of international talent of Chongqing or even of west China, where more than 1,000 foreign invested companies have attracted the presence of over 20,000 international talents from all over the world. Each year Chongqing’s universities provide sufficient human resources including 200,000 university graduates and 300,000 secondary vocational graduates.


5) Human Environment

(1) Elementary Education

  Yuzhong District is Chongqing’s elementary education location with the presence of 19 national, provincial key primary schools, demonstrative middle schools and kindergartens, which can provide schooling for children foreign nationals.

(2) Healthcare Service

  Yuzhong District is Chongqing’s medical service location; public health system is being perfected day by day with availability of full and special disciplines, supported by the well-known medical experts who provide highest level of medical treatment in the city of Chongqing. There are 8 Third-Class A hospitals, as well as other basic public health services for provision of high-quality medical service.

(3) International Community

  Over 1/3 of foreign nationals of Chongqing stay in Yuzhong District, as being accommodated by the foreigner’s most welcomed international community of SML and Chongqing Tiandi with nice environment and complete residential amenities.

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