How to Apply for Work Permit
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1.  Application documents to be provided
(1) The Approval for the Establishment of Foreign Invested Enterprises (FIE) in copy or the Report for the Employment of Aliens by Non-Foreign Invested Enterprises (both the FIEs and non FIEs are referred to collectively as the Employer hereinafter),
(2) The Business License for Body Corporate of the Employer in copy,
(3) The Letter of Appointment or Resolution of the Employer to employ the alien (together with a copy of the Employment Contract),
(4) Application Form for the Employment of Aliens (available from,
(5) Registration Form for the Employment of Aliens (available from,
(6) The valid passport or similar instrument of the alien (both the Original and the photocopies of the substantial pages),
(7) Certificate of education and/or experience of the alien,
(8) Certificate of Certificate of No Criminal Conviction or the Statement of No Criminal Conviction,
(9) Certificate of recent medical examination (in Original) of the alien, and
(10) 2 recent photos of the alien, head uncovered, one inch or two inches.

2. Procedure
(1) The Employer shall, within 15 days upon the entry of the relevant alien to be employed, send a designated staff member and the alien to be employed together with the required documents as described above to the Foreign Invested Enterprise Section of Chongqing Municipal Bureau for Labor and Social Security (FIE Section) to apply for the Work Permit for Aliens.
(2) The Employer shall, at time of submitting application documents, complete the registration of employment of aliens at FIE Section.
(3) The FIE Section personnel examine the documents submitted by the Employer for application of the Work Permit for Aliens
(4) The FIE Section personnel submit the documents examined to the Section Head for review and approval of the Work Permit for Aliens if applicable. The FIE Section shall, if the Employer applies for 5 or more permits in one application or in the case of special circumstances which is to be examined by the Section Head, submit the documents examined to the responsible Bureau officials for review and approval of the Work Permit for Aliens if applicable

3. Timing
Two working days.

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