Easy & Fast Transport
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Chongqing is located at the geometrical center of mainland China , which links east to west and south to north, being an integrated traffic hub in southwest China . As Chongqing’s water-land hub, 2 rivers join up here, 7 bridges are built across the 2 rivers; road leads to all corners of the District, resulting in Chongqing’s most complete stereoscopic transport system formed by waterway, landway, light rail and elevated cableway, which offer easy and fast transport for passenger and cargo. Chongqing ’s railway terminal, long distance bus station and river port are all located within the District. It takes only 20 minutes from the District to drive to Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport, half an hour to drive to each major district of Chongqing and 8 hours to drive to the most far away county of the city.

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