Basic Education and Highland of Medical Treatment & Healthcare
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 There are 4 universities and 65 primary and secondary schools within the District, which form a strong basic education system. In 2006 the District owns 4.3% of the city’s “Backbone Teachers”, ranking No1 in the city. The education informatization has been growing ahead of the whole city, various education structures are developing in a balanced manner. A large number of famous schools have been developed and an advanced education system has been formed. 

    Public medical system is being perfected day by day. There are 431 various medical & healthcare institutions within the District, including 3A Class hospitals which account for 1/2 of the city’s total 3A hospitals. These medical institutions cover various disciplines, while offering featured disciplines; with the gathering of well-known medical experts, the medical treatment level of the District ranks at the top of the city. The hospital bed number per each 1000 people reaches 10.93; the number of doctors per each 1000 people reaches 14.05; In 2006 the annual outpatient visits reached 5.5 million; medical revenue has turned out to be at the top of the city for many years and people’s average lifetime reaches as long as 80.4 years old.

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