Economic Indicators
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  As Chongqing’s prime district, Yuzhong District is the city’s center of commerce, finance, information and culture, basic education and medical service highland, as well as a water and land transport hub. The 3rd industry and 2nd industry is proportioned at 90.5:9.5. Over the last 5 years Yuzhong District’s gross GDP has annually increased by 10.8%; its GDP reached RMB24.32 billion Yuan in 2006, 10% up on a year-on-year basis. Its per capita GDP exceeded US$4,448, which ranks at the top of all Chongqing’s districts; its per capita disposable income reached RMB12,481 Yuan, which ranks at the top of all west provinces of China; and its district revenue has also ranked at the top of all districts for consecutive years.
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