Recommended places to visit Chongqing during Spring Festival
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Wang Qi Art Museum: watch works of local calligrapher

During the Spring Festival, the “He Lu Art Exhibition” will be held at Wang Qi Art Museum on Zhongshan 4th Road.

He is a modern crossover artist of Chongqing. Over 80 works in categories of couplet, letter, fan painting, and hand scrolls are featured. The calligraphy works cover regular script in small characters, regular script in middle characters, running script and cursive script.

Surrounding attractions

Zhongshan 4th Road, where the museum is located, is praised as the most beautiful street of Chongqing. There are Teyuan (an exhibition hall of democratic parties), Guiyuan (the former residence of Zhang Zhizhong), the signing place of Double Tenth Agreement in Chongqing Negotiations, and Zhou’s Residence (at 50 Zengjiayan.) In the Jialingjiang West Village beside Zhongshan 4th Road, there is the Zhou Ziwen Residence “Yiyuan” where George Marshall, an American statesman, stayed when visiting China during the Anti-Japanese War.

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