Nine sweet stories between President Xi and children
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June 1 is International Children's Day!

It's a day set aside for our children.

In China, we have our own "big guy" who always cares about the little guys.

He once gave a speech giving his best wishes to all of China's children on this special day.

No matter how busy he is he makes time to be with China's children.

On the playground, in and outside the classroom, at home or abroad, we see this "big guy", sharing beautiful moments with us "little guys".

This "big guy", as you can guess, is President Xi Jinping.

Story 1: A caring father to his daughter

Xi Jinping is not only China's president but also a caring father to his daughter.

On the bookshelf in his office there's a picture of him and his little girl.

The picture shows him riding with her.

Talking about the father-daughter relationship, his wife Peng Liyuan said,

"Our daughter is very much like her father, and loves him very much. When she was little, she was naughty around me. But with her dad, she was always like a sweet little kitten."

President Xi Jinping plays with his daughter in Fuzhou. [Photo: China Plus]

Story 2: The "Haixiu (Shy)" Grandpa Xi

"Big guy" Xi Jinping is happy when he is around children.

In 2014, he spent time talking with some children in Fuzhou City.

Afterwards, 7 year old Zou Ruining wrote in her dairy, "Grandpa Xi is just too haixiu (shy)!"

Many people online thought that was quite funny.

Actually, "Big guy" Xi is never haixiu (shy).

He likes children very much.

The kids he meets reckons Xi Jinping is like a friend to them.

The diary written by the 7-year-old girl. [Photo:]

Story 3: Writing to the "little guys"

A couple of days before Children's Day in 2016, 12 elementary students from Taizhou, Zhejiang wrote a letter to Xi Jinping, under the name of "The descendants of the Dachen Island Reclamation Team".

To everyone's surprise, they heard back from the "big guy". Xi Jinping said to them in the letter, "I hope you all can grow into clever, well-educated, and accomplished builders of the next generation."

Cheered up by his reply, they said "This is the best Children's Day gift ever!"

The letter replied to by President Xi Jinping. [Photo: China Plus]

Story 4: I cried because I didn't become the first batch of Young Pioneers

Chinese President Xi Jinping loves to listen to the stories of children and likes to share stories of his youth with them.

When Xi was a pupil at the Beijing Haidian Minzu Primary School, he cried because he didn't become the first batch of Young Pioneers. He recalled that when he was finally selected to join the group, his heart beat fast with excitement.

When he saw his peers wrote down "dedicate myself to the service of the country," Xi remembered when his mother told him the story of the mother of Yue Fei, a military general from the Southern Song dynasty, tattooing the same message on his back.

President Xi told the children that he remembered "dedicate myself to the service of the country" now and forever and has made it his lifelong goal.

President Xi Jinping celebrates International Children's Day in Beijing at Haidian Minzu Primary School on May 30, 2014. [Photo: China Plus]

Story 5: Concerns for the children in disaster areas

Lushan County in China's Sichuan Province was struck by a 7.0-magnitude earthquake on April 20, 2013.

President Xi Jinping cared about the children there during the reconstruction period after the strong earthquake.

When he visited the disaster-affected locals, he paid special visits to the children there.

Luo Juncheng, a boy who was one and a half and living in a rescue tent at the time, kissed Xi and called him "Grandpa"

The President touched Luo Juncheng and kissed him on the face, which deeply touched everyone at the scene.

President Xi Jinping visits an earthquake-affected area in Lushan County, Sichuan Province on May 21, 2013. [Photo: China Plus]

Story 6: A letter that links President Xi and the children in Australia

16 primary school students in Tasmania, Australia wrote a letter to President Xi Jinping and his wife Peng Liyuan in 2014, inviting the couple to visit their hometown and see the beautiful sceneries, animals and plants.

The children didn't expect that the letter eventually brought President Xi Jinping and Peng Liyuan in front of them in Tasmania.

The children, as special guests, attended the welcoming ceremony held for President Xi Jinping and his wife during their visit.

President Xi encouraged the children to learn the Chinese language, culture and history. He also planted a tree of friendship with the children.

"We will sow seeds of the friendship between China and Australia and let the seeds become luxuriant trees," said Xi.

President Xi Jinping plants a tree with primary school students in Launceston, Tasmania in Australia on November 18, 2014. [Photo: Xinhua]

Story 7: Xi Jinping is a super football fan

Xi Jinping is a big football fan. He is very concerned about the development of football among China's young people.

He once said that football education should start from childhood.

When Xi Jinping visited Germany in 2014, he went to the Olympia Stadium in Berlin and visited young Chinese football players training there.

Teenagers from Zhidan County, Shaanxi Province were playing against teenagers from the Wolfsburg Football Club in Germany.

Xi watched the match, and showed his appreciation for the great performances by the two teams. During half-time, he met with the players and asked about their training and living conditions.

They told Xi they were enjoying their football training in Germany. Xi Jinping said, "I'm here to support you! I'm here to support the next generation. I hope you will become football stars in the future. "

President Xi Jinping and his wife Peng Liyuan visit the Zhidan youth football league members who were training in Germany on March 29, 2014. [Photo: China Plus]

Story 8: Pakistani pupils welcome a visit by Xi Jinping

At Millennium Primary School, a famous school in Pakistan, the kids are fans of Xi Jinping.

They looked forward to the opportunity to meet him when he visited.

They were upset that they couldn't do to the airport to meet him.

But after giving it some thought, they through about another way to meet him.

They planned to put an ad on the front page of the largest local newspaper.

The ad would have hand-painted Chinese calligraphy and painting, saying

"We warmly welcome Xi Jinping to Pakistan."

Everyone at the school thought this was a great idea.

"The newspaper is a window of Pakistan. We believe that President Xi will see it! "

The hand-painted Chinese calligraphy and painting made by primary school students for President Xi when he visited Pakistan. The artwork was printed in Pakistan's largest local newspaper. [Photo:]

Story 9: Being scientists are the dreams of many Chinese children

When International Children's Day arrives, Xi Jinping will spend his time with children, even though he's very busy.

Xi will participate in activities, send his greetings, and write messages to the nation's children.

A few days ago, at the meeting with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Xi Jinping told the country's top scientists:

"Being a scientist is the dream of many Chinese children.

We should make working in science and technology more attractive. Create a profession that children respect and yearn for, make science and technology a dream for children, and let our future stars of science shine."

There are so many sweet stories about the times President Xi Jinping has spent with children. He often says that it is his greatest wish that children would grow up into a better world. Xi Jinping is always concerned about the future of China's children, because children are the hope of the nation, and the future of the country.

President Xi Jinping visit Beijing Bayi School on September 9, 2016 to learn about the small satellite developed by school's teachers and students. [Photo: Xinhua]


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