Industries and Business Sectors Encouraged for Investment & Development
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[Modern Service Trade]

    Modern service trade is a pillar industry of Yuzhong District, which focuses on finance, agency service, information technology and trading. The areas where investment is encouraged are: financial service, agency service, trading, convention & exhibition, tourism, logistic, as well as associated cultural, educational and medical services.

Focus of Investment:
□Head office, regional head office, settlement center, R & D center of transnational company and large enterprises.
□Consultancy services on economics, engineering, management, accounting, auditing, employment, legal affairs and environmental protection.
□Financial services such as banking, securities, insurance, financial and investment firms.
□Industries in other business forms.
□Various conventions & exhibitions
□Travel service, tourist information system development and hotel.
□Modern distribution center, agent facility operation, chain operation, warehousing construction and international trade.
□Construction and operation of community service center and its network.
□Development and operation of arts, culture, broadcasting, TV, sports and gymnasium.
□Pre-education before schooling, primary school, secondary school, occupational school, special purpose school and international school.
□Construction of remote education system
□Construction of medical service and preventive healthcare facilities.
□Development of upscale hotel, office building, residential house, convention & exhibition and commercial facilities.
 [Information Technology & District Informatization Development]
    The Information technology development is focused on establishment of a complete regional information service system to speed up the science & technology service platform in a purpose to provide a featured IT service backed up by network, value-added digital service, software & system integrated service and information technology service such that the telecom operation can be further developed and the leading position in the city’s information industry can be consolidated.
Focus of Investment:
□Establishment of science & technology-oriented enterprise incubation
□Establishment of enterprise innovation center, engineering center and common technical service platform
□Establishment of science & technology-oriented financing platform
□Internet & mobile communication value-added service
□Digital entertainment, Flash movie making, electronic publication
□Software & information outsourcing
□Science & technology agency service and capacity building
□Office building informatization refurbishment
□System development of e-governmental affairs and e-commerce
□Establishment of digital urban management platform and application system
□Establishment of digital education service platform
□Establishment of regional cooperative medical service platform
□Establishment of digital tourist service platform
□Establishment of digital community service platform
□Technical services including technology promotion, science & technology exchange, technical consultancy, pollution control, mapping, patent application and utilization, technical supervision.
[Metropolitan Industries]
    Metropolitan industries to be developed will be those environment-friendly industries suitable to urban ecological requirement, by utilizing the District’s unique information flow, talents flow, modern logistic flow and financing flow as a backup, by treating product design, technical development and processing as a basis, and by using metropolitan buildings as a carrier.
Focus of Investment:
□R & D and processing of electronic products
□Software development and electromechanical manufacture
□Garment and accouterment processing
□Advertising, packaging and printing
□Production of jewelry, diamond, arts & crafts, tourist souvenirs
□Production of precision instruments, timekeepers and glasses
□Design and production of model and mould
□Production of food & beverage
□House decoration
□Rest of industries complying with metropolitan requirement
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