3 Zones and 1 Belt
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3 Zones and 1 Belt

    Lianglukou to Shangqingsi Commercial Service Zone

    The light rail No.1 and 3 lines join at Yangtze Bridge, which forms a transport-change hub linking major districts such as Yuzhong, Nan’an, Jiangbei and Shapingba. The Zhongshan City Crown building will serve as a carrier for business development, the zone focuses on services of network, TV & broadcasting, system integration, software development, as well as agency, culture, medical, healthcare and sports services.

    Daping Regional Commercial, Cultural and Innovative Business Zone 

    The Zone has a large population and strong consumption, being a transport-change hub to No.1 and 2 lines which link major districts such as Yuzhong, Jiulongpo, Dadukou and Shapingba. There are smooth traffic and locational advantages, property developers with strong financial standing are welcome to develop the Qipaifang and Danxiangzi area, where shopping mall, commercial and entertaining facilities need to be built. It is also intended to introduce cultural, large technology-oriented and innovative enterprises to settle in the reserved land along the Jiu-Gao Highway and within the land left over by universities that have moved away.

    Hualongqiao Modern Manufacture Central Service Zone

    Hualongqiao zone is positioned to be Chongqing’s manufacture service center in support of Chongqing’s ongoing industrialization process, aiming to provide commercial, trading, office building, residence, exhibition and financial services for Chongqing’s manufacture industry. 

    The construction of the zone is guided by the requirement of manufacture industry, where large number of high-end office buildings, commercial facilities and high quality residential buildings are going to be built to meet the needs of manufacturers, financial institutions, agency services, parts suppliers. All modern manufacture service-oriented enterprises are welcome to be present in the zone.

    Riverside Economic Belt

     The belt area starts from Chaotianmen to the east and ends at Caiyuanba Railway Terminal to the west, extending for 6km along the Yangtze river, built upon river and hill, being the cradle of Chongqing city. The constructions to take place include rebuild of Chongqing’s lower down town area and completion of refurbishment of Hu-Guang House, which will present the unique history and charm of Chongqing in the past times. Other constructions include the construction of Chongqing Tourist Gathering Center which will drive the function adjustment and image update of Caiyuanba area, as well as the construction of Shanhuba Yacht Pier utilizing the higher water level as a result of the Three-Gorges Dam. All investors are welcome to participate in the construction works of Yangtze riverside to build the Yangtze riverside into a rivery and hilly leisure corridor featured by “Nobleness, Elegance and High Quality”

     A 4.5 kilometer long riverside restaurant and entertainment economic belt along the Jialing River has been formed, starting from Donghe Bay to the east and ending at Niujiaotuo to the west, offering total floor space of some130,000 square meters, where large number of famous restaurants have already been present. The presence of the Hongyandong Riverbank Leisure Plaza constructed in the local primitive way -- hanging architecture, has added a sense of tradition and history; the stereoscopic traffic system composed of light rail, cable car and other public transport links the area with Jiefangbei CBD closely. Effort will be made to introduce various food services, bars, featured outlets, leisure facilities and upscale clubs to build a food, shopping, entertainment and culture integrated stereoscopic restaurant & entertainment location with most unique Chongqing styles.

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