Modern Service Trade
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[Modern Service Trade]
Modern service trade is a pillar industry of Yuzhong District, which focuses on finance, agency service, information technology and trading. The areas where investment is encouraged are: financial service, agency service, trading, convention & exhibition, tourism, logistic, as well as associated cultural, educational and medical services.
Focus of Investment:

□ Head office, regional head office, settlement center, R & D center of transnational company and large enterprises.
□ Consultancy services on economics, engineering, management, accounting, auditing, employment, legal affairs and environmental protection.
□Financial services such as banking, securities, insurance, financial and investment firms.
□Industries in other business forms.
□Various conventions & exhibitions
□Travel service, tourist information system development and hotel.
□Modern distribution center, agent facility operation, chain operation, warehousing construction and international trade.
□Construction and operation of community service center and its network.
□Development and operation of arts, culture, broadcasting, TV, sports and gymnasium.
□Pre-education before schooling, primary school, secondary school, occupational school, special purpose school and international school.
□Construction of remote education system
□Construction of medical service and preventive healthcare facilities.
□Development of upscale hotel, office building, residential house, convention & exhibition and commercial facilities.
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