The orientation of the development of Yuzhong District
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  The new round of development of Chongqing endows Yuzhong District a so-called “1+3” initiatives – positioned to be a Metropolitan Core Zone; shaped into a Modern Service Area, Cultural Show Area, Landscape Image Area; effort is being made to establish a “beautiful peninsular & happy Yuzhong”, as well as to enhance the position of the “capital district of Chongqing” and to achieve the target of “better quality of economy, stronger function of service, higher level of civilization”.

  (1) Chongqing’s Metropolitan Core Zone

  Yuzhong District is Chongqing’s administration, financial, commercial, trading and cultural center, which shows its central function of representation of the culture, landscape, knowledge and images of the metropolis of Chongqing. Yuzhong District is Chongqing’s exclusive national service trade pilot zone, national e-commerce demonstration base and China’s optimum financial ecologic zone.

  (2) Chongqing’s Modern Service Area

  Adhering to the orientation of “high-end industry, high-end brand, high-end people”, Yuzhong District endeavors to develop its competitive industries like finance, trade, commerce, business agency and metropolis tourism, as well as the emerging industries such as culture, creativity, internet service, e-commerce, and etc., having won China’s financial service-related “treasure basin” prize for many consecutive years. The district wholesales account for 15% of the total of the city, social consumer goods retails account for 12% of the total of the city, where the proportion of modern service trade represented by finance, high-end commerce and business agency services account for 60%.

  In 2013, the GDP of the District reached 80.42 billion Yuan, 12% up YOY; fixed assets investment reached 27.44 billion Yuan, 13.5% up YOY; social consumer goods retails reached 53.89 billion Yuan, 11.1% up YOY; economic yield per square kilometer reached 4.34 billion Yuan. 116 of the Fortune 500 have landed in Yuzhong District, accounting for 50% of the total of the city; 155 financial institutions at municipal level or above are present in Yuzhong District, the total number of the present institutions in Yuzhong District ranks No.1 among all districts of the city, of which the municipal banking, securities and insurance companies present in the District account for 60% of the total in the city; Chongqing’s 7 municipal elemental markets including OTC are located in Yuzhong District; there are 64 business agency services present in the District, including KPMG, Deloitte, DTZ, JLL, CBRE, Savills and etc.; there have been presence of 205 world-famous brands including the LV global store and Gucci west China flagship shop.

  (3) Chongqing’s History & Culture Representations

  As the “mother town” of Chongqing, Yuzhong District has a history extending back for 3,000 years, being formed 800 years ago, representing the city of Chongqing by the landmark of the nearly 100-year old Jiefangbei (Monument of Liberation). The 7 municipal cultural facilities including the Three-Gorge Museum and the Guotai Art Theater are located within the District which presents a complementing contrast between the old and modern times, a harmonious coexistence of primitive simplicity and new fashions. The District has been established as the first-batch national public cultural service model district.

  (4) Chongqing’s Landscape Image Area

  Yuzhong District is a famous “hilly town, river town and sleepless town”, which is built upon hill beside river with a unique “lay-by-layer” style. The 2013 superior air quality days reached 192 days and plantation rate reached 40%, having been awarded the honors such as National Civilized Town and National Environmental Demonstrative Town, showing its good livable environment in west China.

  (5) Chongqing’s Open Window to the Outside World

  In 2013, the realized domestic and foreign investment respectively reached 20.52 billion Yuan and US$1.3 billion. There are within the District currently over 1,079 foreign companies or representation offices, of which 98% are foreign invested service agencies while over 80% are wholly-foreign owned enterprises. A total of 9 foreign consulates in Chongqing all are settled in the District including that of UK and Canada; Yuzhong District has successively established twin towns with Russian Vladimir and US San Diego County. The top 5 countries/regions investing in the District are Hong Kong, Singapore, US, Korea and Taiwan. Regional cooperation is also going on intensively, like the presence of some 30 trade chambers or associations from other part of China including Chongqing’s Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce.

  (6) Chongqing’s Corporate Headquarter Presence Location

  Yuzhong District has gathered the presence of the China headquarters or regional headquarters of 150 transnational or national industry leaders. The District has currently more than 300 commercial and office buildings with floor area of 7 million m2; there are 22 buildings each paying tax of above 100 million Yuan. Over recent years, more than 20 high-end commercial and office buildings have been newly built. In 2014, more than 2.7 million m2 commercial and office floor area will be available.

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