Which Sectors of Foreign Investment are Encouraged
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  Infrastructures such as expressway, high-class highway, port, water works, waste water treatment plant.
  Agricultural projects such as traditional Chinese medicine, orange, silkworm, pig, tea.
  R & D  and production of automobile & parts, motorcycle, & parts, power distribution equipment, numerical machine tool, & functional parts; electronics, digital audio & video, 3G, large tonnage ship, natural gas chemicals, fine chemicals, new materials, clean energy, electro-mineral combined production, aluminum chain industry,  steel chain industries including iron-rough steel-plate-piping-strip material and wire; industries; derivatives of manganese, strontium and barium; IC products, software, information technology, telecom, digital medical treatment, smart instrumentation, information technology based home electric appliances and automobile electronics.
  Modern services such as banking, insurance, securities, logistics, tourism, education (except for compulsory education).
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