Yuzhong focus on the development of industry
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   (1) Finance & Associated Sectors

  - Financial transaction marketplace
  - Institutions: financial institution, supervision institution, agency services
  - Information service: basic market information, research information, standardization information.
  - Platform: financial transaction platform, payment settlement platform, liquidation platform.

  (2) Trade & Commercial

  - Wholesale: sourcing center, distribution center, brand agency & marketing
  - Retail: world famous brand flagship store, chain store, franchise store.

  (3) Business Agency Service

  - Accounting, evaluation, legal affair, arbitration, engineering consultancy, management consulting, personal wealth management, market survey, public relation, patent agency, outsourcing service.

  (4) Metropolis Tourism

  - Travel service home & abroad, star hotel, airline.
  - Specialty F & B, catering.
  - Brand event, tour transport.
  - Leisure, entertaining, healthcare.

  (5) Internet Service

  - Internet sales, e-commerce, TV sales, cross-national e-commerce.

  (6) Culture & Creativity

  - Advertising, architectural design.
  - Cultural, art, historic relic transaction, artwork.
  - Publishing, film, TV & broadcasting.
  - Software development, multimedia game and animation design.

  (7) Various Functional Institutions

  - Headquarter (regional) & functional head offices.
  - Investment firm, operation center, finance center, purchase order center, sales center, training center, healthcare service.
  - R & D, design and technical service.
  - Leasing center.

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