Investment Service
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Investment Service
    ——Chongqing Yuzhong District People’s Government
    District Mayor’s Open Phone Number: 86-23-63847265/63814444
    District Government Web:
    ——Yuzhong District Foreign Trade & Economic Relations Bureau
    Guidance, management and coordination of the investment promotion within the District
Office Add: 8/F District Government Building, 9 Heping Road Yuzhong District Chongqing
    Tel: 86-23- 63765125
    Fax: 86-23-63765315
    ——Yuzhong District Administrative Service Center
    Examination & approval of investment-associated proceedings
    Office Add: 211 Heping Road Yuzhong District Chongqing
    Tel: 86-23-63888758/63815058
    Special line: 86-23-16821168
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