Future Prospects of Yuzhong District
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 In the 5 year ahead, Yuzhong District is prepared to strengthen its “4 Centers, 2 Highlands, and 1 Hub” positioning; implement a “Serving Chongqing and Developing Yuzhong” strategy; build a harvesting, charming, vibrant and harmonious Yuzhong.

 By 2011, the GDP of the District is expected to reach RMB41 billion Yuan -- a breakthrough of 40 billion Yuan; per capita GDP to reach US$8,000; per capita disposable income to reach RMB20,000 Yuan; government revenue to reach RMB2.65 billion Yuan, doubling that of 2006; realized foreign direct investment to reach US$1.1 billion doubling that of the 10th-Five-Year Plan period; social development to continue to rank No.1 in Chongqing.

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