Yuzhong area layout
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(1) East Portion

  This area includes 7 subdistricts including Chaotianmen, Jiefangbei and Wanglongmen, with a land area of 3.5 km2, representing central Chongqing’s landmark of “wealth land and charm land”. The 7 high-end buildings in the Chongqing Financial Street will serve as the main business carrier for presence of elemental market and financial institution; the plaza and office spaces of Raffles, SML Center and HNA-Poly International Center provide ideal location for transnational settlement center, prime brand and agency services covering a wide business catchment area.

  Major Property for Tenancy:

Project Name
GFA (m2)
Raffles Chongqing
Capital Land
Located at the geometric center - Chaotianmen of Chongqing CBD, to be built into the signage of “Door of Chongqing & Window of West China”, which will be a new landmark of the city, where headquarters of famous financial, commercial and business agency services will be present.
SML Center
Chongqing Dinggu Property
Located at Jiaochangkou, near Chongqing’s No.1 Jiefangbei Commercial Zone, planned to be commercials, super-5-star hotel, 5A office, high-end river view serviced apartment.
SFC Center
Sincere Property/ Huarun Finance
Located at Chongqing Financial Street, Jiefangbei CBD, being an important part of CBD office cluster, planned to be a commercial and office complex.
Chongqing World Financial Center
Chongqing Huaxun Property
Located at the core of Jiefangbei CBD, the site of Chongqing’s formerly commercial landmark Huixian Hotel, planned to be  a super high-rise combining shopping, business, hotel, residence, leisure, entertainment, F&B.
Shenji Financial Plaza
Chongqing Shenji Industries Group Ltd
Located at mid-section of Chongqing Financial Street, adjacent to Xinhua Rd to the east, Wuyi Rd to the west, opposite to Chongqing’s earliest commercial plaza Metropolitan Plaza; it is planned to be a Westin Flagship integrating 5-star hotel, 6A office, top brand shopping.
HNA-Poly International Center
Dingrui Property of Poly Group
Located at 235, Minsheng Rd (formerly Chongqing Guesthouse), positioned to be an international and luxurious plaza covering office building, platinum super 5-star hotel, top F & B service.
Chongqing International Finance Development Center
Yingli Property
Located at south of Jiefangbei Square, to be shaped into a new landmark in Jiefangbei CBD covering Class A office, with premium shopping and adequate parking spaces.
Chongqing Bayi Guesthouse Renovation
Keda Investment
Located at Bayi Rd, Jiefangbei, adjacent to Zhonghua Rd and Xinhua International to the north, Minquan Rd and Yingli IFC to the west, to be built into a large scale commercial and hotel complex with supermarket.

(2) Central Portion

  This area includes 4 subdistricts – Caiyuanba, Lianglukou, Shangqingsi and Daxigou, covering an area of 6.78 km2. The development focuses on establishment of the so-called “interlocked supportive facilities” which carries out the Caiyuanba and Lianglukou redevelopment to build an urban complex integrating 6 functions – high speed train depot, rail transfer, travelling distribution, trade exhibition, business conference and bundway leisure. Meanwhile the area will be extended to allow for more service areas to be covered by Daxigou Creativity Industrial Park and Shangqingsi Internet Industry Park.

  Major Property for Tenancy:

Project Name
Shangqingsi Internet Industry Park
Located within the Global Plaza, No.9 Shangqingsi Rd, being Chongqing’s internet industry development demonstrative base, where development focuses on e-commerce, internet information service, internet media and advertising. So far internet service companies present in the Park include Chongqing’s www.zhubajie.com, which is China’s largest Witkey website, Chongqing Soft Island, which is west China’s largest outsourcing service provider and www.huibo.com, which is a top job fair service of west China.
Daxigou Creativity Industrial Park
Located north of Yuzhong District, being Chongqing’s creativity industry base, made up by the core area and sub core area. The core area includes the “1 park with 3 zones” to cover architectural design, engineering design, consultancy and media design; the sub core area is an extended area. So far over 200 companies have landed in the Park, including CISDI, the Municipal Design Institute, Chongqing Iron & Steel Design Institute and China Science Popularity Media Group. The Park has achieved an annual output of 10 billion Yuan.
Total park area of 1.32 km2
Loncin Chongqing Center
Chongqing Loncin Property
Located at Lianglukou Yuzhong District, adjacent to the People’s Cultural Palace to the east, Datianwan Stadium and Hotel Hilton to the west. The light rail line No.1 provides a transfer station here; it is v
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